Lonavala is a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is one of the most visited tourist spots in Maharashtra. This hill station is often called the "Jewel of Sahyadri" and the "City of Caves". It boasts a stunning setting with lush green valleys and breathtaking waterfalls, tranquil lakes, and amazing caves. Lonavala is home to many places, including historical sites, natural wonders and religious attractions. Visitors are sure to be impressed.

To make the most of your time in Lonavala, take a look at these must-see tourist attractions.

1. Tiger’s Leap, Lonavala

Tiger’s Leap, Lonavala

Tiger's Leap, a popular tourist attraction, is located at 650m above sea level in the laps of nature. This vantage point is named after its shape, which resembles a tiger leaping into the valley. Adventure seekers love to hike and trek here.

The stunning views from the valley below are attracted to this beautiful spot with an echo point. To spend quality time with loved ones, you can always pack a picnic lunch.

2. Bhaja Caves, Lonavala

Bhaja Caves, Lonavala

Bhaja Caves are a group of stunning rock-cut caves that has been designated a national monument. It is one of India's oldest caves, dating back to 2 and 1 centuries BCE. The fine Buddhist excavations found in these caves are believed to date back to the Hinayana period of Buddhism.

These caves primarily contain Chaityas or Viharas. You can also take a refreshing plunge in the nearby waterfall and take a tour through the lush surroundings. To reach the caves, you will need to follow a zig-zag path from Bhaja Village's base.

3. Karla Caves, Lonavala

Karla Caves, Lonavala

A few kilometres from Bhaja Caves is Karla Caves, a popular tourist attraction that houses the most preserved Hinayana Buddhist Chaityas in the country. These caves are associated with the Mahasamghika Sect of Buddhism and are the oldest rock-cut caves of India. The oldest dates back to the 1 century BCE.

It will amaze you to see exquisite motifs, sculptures and inscriptions at Karla Caves. The 37-pillar aisle boasts over 2000-year-old beams. Some of these beams are still living. A temple with pillars dating back to the Buddhist period is also found at the entrance.

4. Bhushi Dam, Lonavala

Bhushi Dam, Lonavala

You can find a great spot for picnicking with your family and friends at Bhushi Dam. This is the place that forms the famous Bhushi lake. You can reach this dam made of masonry on the Indrayani river by following these steps. Here you can enjoy the beautiful views and the warmth of the sun as well as the breathtaking views.

The popular tourist attraction is often crowded on weekends. Especially during monsoon season when it can be difficult to find a good spot to sit down on the steps. Because of the unpredictable water flow, swimming is not allowed here.

5. Duke’s Nose, Lonavala

Duke’s Nose, Lonavala

Lonavala is a hill station and has many vantage points. Duke's Nose, a spectacular viewpoint, was named after the Duke of Wellington due to its similarity in shape. Because of its snake-like shape, Nagphani is also known as Nagphani. At the top is Mahadev Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

This place is a magnet for adventurers who love hiking, climbing, rappelling and trekking. It is also a popular picnic spot where you can go with your family and friends for a great outing.

6. Tikona Fort, Lonavala

Tikona Fort, Lonavala

The popular Maratha historical site Tikona Fort is named after its triangular shape. It stands at 1066 metres above sea level. Shivaji Maharaj, who was captured by the Mughals in 1670s, regained control and it remained a major fort under the Marathas (who called the place Vitandgad) until the reign of Sambhaji.

You will enter the fort through a small cave. This leads to a guard tower, and then you'll pass through five more caves. You will find a small temple broken and a large stone wheel within the fort. At the top of the fort you will see water tanks and a Buddhist cave.

7. Pawna Lake, Lonavala

Pawna Lake, Lonavala

Pawna Lake is a popular camping and picnic spot in Lonavala. It is surrounded by stunning landscapes. The Pawna Dam's impounded water creates this artificial lake that offers a wonderful escape to the arms of nature. This place is a wonderful backdrop for unforgettable photos. It boasts the natural beauty of the area, as well as distant views of Lohagad Fort, Tikona Fort, Tunga Fort and Lohagad Fort. You can also enjoy motor and row boating while you are picnicking.

Monsoon is the best season to visit this beautiful place, but you can also enjoy the summer barbecues at the lake.

8. Lohagad Fort, Lonavala

Lohagad Fort, Lonavala

Lonavala's Lohagad Fort (Iron Fort), is another architectural wonder of the Marathas. Because of its strategic position at 1050 m above sea level, the hill fort was considered an impassable edifice. This historic site has seen the rise and fall of many dynasties, including the Marathas, Nizams and Mughals.

It is a popular choice for history buffs and nature lovers, as well as adventure seekers, because it requires trekking to reach the fort. Here you will find the Vinchu Kata, a series of hills that resemble Capricorn.

9. Ryewood Park, Lonavala

Ryewood Park

Lonavala's Ryewood Park is a great place to picnic. It has lush gardens, landscaped lawns and a children's park. This park is located near Lonavala Market. It was originally intended as a botanical garden, but it has been renovated to become a park.

The park covers 25 acres and is rich in flora. It includes many old tree species, ornamental plant species, and flower beds. The park also has a Shiva Temple, which is ideal for meditation. The children's park has swings and is a great place to keep your kids entertained. Take your picnic and enjoy some time with loved ones at this park.

10. Valvan Dam, Lonavala

Valvan Dam, Lonavala

Visitors who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life will love Valvan Dam. This gravity dam is located at an elevation of approximately 26.4m and stretches over 1356m at the foothills of the Sahyadri Mountains. It serves as the source for Tata Power's Khopoli Power Station.

The Kundali River runs across this scenic spot, where lush greenery and tranquil surroundings create the artificial Valvan Lake. Its impounded water also forms the artificial Valvan Lake. This lake has a beautiful garden nearby. This perfect combination of a dam and a lake makes Lonavala a great spot for family outings.